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Wind Deflectors For Cars, Vans, 4x4's & Trucks

Climair Wind Deflectors

High Quality, German Made and TUV approved


Climair manufacture a wide range of wind deflectors for both windows and sunroofs and not just for cars but also vans, 4x4s, campervans, trucks and other commercial vehicles.  The wind deflectors are manufactured to the highest quality in Germany, are TUV approved and offer a Two Year warranty (surface of acrylic glass guaranteed for 10 years regards defects and optical performance).As an OEM approved supplier to the world's finest vehicle manufacturers, Climair wind deflectors are a great alternative to air conditioning by helping to keep the vehicles interior cool without worrying about rain entering the vehicle.  They can improve the vehicle's ventilation making them ideal if you transport pets or smoke in the car and will also help prevent sun glare coming in through the side windows.  Climair wind deflectors allow fresh air to circulate thereby assisting in preventing windows from misting as well as condensation. 

Differences between Climair Wind Deflectors & Other Cheaper Brands

The main difference between Climair wind deflectors and other brands is that they are fully TUV approved (independently tested and approved for road use) whereas other cheaper brands do not carry this accreditation and in many cases because they simply wouldn't pass.  You run the risk of cheaper brands falling out on the motorway and, if you are able to locate them, finding them completely shattered.  Climair wind deflectors, when fitted correctly, do not fly out at high speed and they are completely shatterproof.  Other differences are they install inside the window channel (not stick-on) and in 99% of cases do not require fiddly clips which many other brands require.  Climair wind deflectors offer a standard 2 Year Guarantee (10 year guarantee on the acrylic surface) and they also fit vehicle windows with Anti-Trap Systems. Many cheaper branded deflectors will not fit Anti Trap Systems or allow them to function. (Anti-Trap Systems prevent fingers etc being caught in electric windows). The Climair brand of deflectors are completely tailor made for each individual vehicle model and year so, even if your vehicle has folding electric windows, the Climair wind deflectors will not interfere.

Buying Climair wind deflectors is the most sensible decision you'll make and ensures you have a TUV road tested product, at the highest quality, with the guarantees to back them up.