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TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems


Having a Tyre Pressure Monitor System or TPMS for short will save you money and fuel and more importantly can help save lives. Tyre manufacturers estimate that 75% of “blow-out” accidents are caused by incorrect tyre pressure which will also increase fuel consumption and wear your tyres unevenly and far quicker.  A 6% drop in pressure can lead to a 10% increase in fuel consumption and correctly inflated tyres also extend the life of a tread by as much as 35%.  Under inflated tyres can cause a build up of excessive heat thereby reducing braking and handling /control and increase stopping distances. Over inflated tyres can cause premature wear, reduce grip and handling.  A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System will monitor your tyres pressures and temperatures keeping you informed at all times.  Correct tyre pressure is the most important factor for a tyre, indeed your tyres are the only thing keeping you on the road.  A Tyre Pressure Monitoring system will alert you when your tyre pressures or temperatures are abnormal giving you piece of mind.


We currently offer the Steelmate tyre pressure monitoring systems including a DIY kit.  We also offer all the spares that you may need for the Steelmate TPMS to keep your system maintained.

Benefits of a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

In order to understand the benefits of having a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) installed, we must firstly understand what the system is: A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is an electronic device that is installed on or near to the dashboard and uses wireless technology to receive signals from the sensors fitted to each of the tyres. The purpose of the system is to take the worry out of having to manually monitor tyre pressures. Some of the features a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System has are that it operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and monitors your tyre pressures and temperatures constantly. The system will alert the driver within a few seconds of abnormal tyre pressure or temperature.  The benefit of having a TPMS system checking that your tyre pressures and temperatures are correct at all times, not only means better fuel efficiency and longer tyre life but also, very importantly, safety.  Under-inflated tyres can compromise the stability of a vehicle, its handling and braking. Under-inflated tyres can also increase fuel consumption costing you money. When tyre pressures are kept at correct levels, optimum vehicle performance in the areas' of braking, steering, and general handling are realised.
Constant tyre monitoring means you can check your tyre pressures from inside your car by just looking at the monitor on your dashboard and it delivers the same benefits to drivers whether they are behind the wheel of a passenger car or a high speed race car.  A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System helps reduce wear on your tyres, increases or maximises fuel efficiency saving you money, and provides piece of mind that your tyres are safe, alerting you immediately a problem in pressure or temperature arises. To put it simply, a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is a very sound investment for any vehicle.