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Snow Socks | Snowsocks | Tyre Socks | Multi Grip

Snow Tyre Socks by Multi Grip

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Snow Socks by Multi Grip are the easier alternative to Snow Chains

Click Here to view Application List & obtain MGRIP
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  • Come in pack of 2 (required on Drive wheels only)
  • Supplied with 1 pair plastic gloves
  • Zipped storage bag included
  • TUV approved 
  • Designed for emergency situations for snow and ice
  • Easy to fit - Simply slip on like a Sock onto your Drive Wheels as far as possible; roll/drive car forward approx 1 metre and finish off putting Socks into place
  • Completely reuseable, they are light and easy to keep in your car boot just in case you get caught and they do work!

Technical Information:
  • Hi-tech fabric traction together with the high flexibility of the tread belt fabric:-
    • dramatically increases the contact area with the snow or ice increasing the friction between the wheel and the snow or ice
    • due to the pressure increase under the knots of the fabric, locally melting the snow or ice, giving Multi Grip a unique grip effect
    • high friction between the inside of the fabric and the tyre, avoiding any slipping between the sock and the wheel
    • wear limited to the grip, the backing yarn being preserved from direct contact with the dry asphalt
    • as a consequence Multi Grip snow socks are effective on snow and ice, driving and braking is precise and stable
    • suitable for relative long distance on mixed snow/ice with some asphalt however lifespan of product will be determined by how much contact snow socks has with asphalt road surface and/or any road debris.  Lengthy contact with normal asphalt road surface will wear product quicker so snow socks should be removed, as soon as it is safe to do so, once the road is clearer, in order to preserve them. 
What MGRIP fitment will I require?
  • Snow socks are available for most wheel sizes 13" to 19" although exact fitment is dependant on Car Tyre Size which can be found on the sidewall of your tyre (some larger vehicles have different size front tyres to rear tyres).  Remember that snow socks should be fitted to the drive wheels only.  Once you know your tyre size then you just need to view our Application List to find out which MGRIP fitment you will require.
  • Not all tyre sizes are covered and we do not recommend fitting other fitments if your tyre size is not listed.  If your tyre size is not covered under the Multi Grip Application List please click here for ISSE Snow Socks
  • To obtain MGRIP fitment code required for your tyre size, please check the Application List:- Click here to View Application List

Need assistance, contact us at or call us on 0845 6431033

Further Information and Help:

Snow socks are an emergency solution and are designed to be driven on snow and  ice only. Snow socks are not a replacement for winter tyre and regular driving on normal asphalt road surface will wear and damage the product.  Please refer to safety, maintenance and warranty notes below.

* Safety & Maintenance Instructions:

  • Use fitment size specific to your tyre size.
  • Carefully assemble in accordance with fitting instructions included.
  • Do not exceed 50 km/h (31 mph); do not make sudden accelerations or stops - wheel spin may cause product to rip.
  • Turn smoothly and avoid skidding to avoid socks being ripped/shredded.
  • The use on carriage without snow is the cause of rapid deterioration and has a negative influence on the behaviour of the vehicle.
  • In case of unusual noise, stop the vehicle and check anti skidding device assembling conditions.
  • Remove as soon as possible when they are no longer required and when the vehicle is parked.
  • Dry snow socks out completely before storing.

* Warranty:

Manufacturer's one year warranty against manufacturing or material defects only. Warranty does not cover wear or tear, damage caused by road surface, road debris including unseen debris in snow, or product rips caused by skidding/spinning of wheels.


Images and video are provided for illustration and information purposes