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Haynes Manual -  Ferguson TE-20 Tractor

Haynes Manual - Ferguson TE-20 Tractor

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  • Haynes Manual - Ferguson TE-20 Tractor Manual
    •   By: Pat Ware

  • An insight into the engineering, development, production and uses of the worlds most iconic tractor
  • The Ferguson TE-20 is the most iconic of tractors - the small unobtrusive grey tractor that many people will recognise
  • The TE-20 replaced the horse on many farms after WWII, and paved the way for the mechanisation of farming
  • Over 500,000 examples were built and sold all over the world, with US- and French-built models manufactured under licence
  • This extensively illustrated book, following the tried and tested Haynes Manual format, provides a unique insight into what is involved in owning, restoring, maintaining and operating an example of this pioneering tractor
  • 'Packed with photos and full of useful technical advice and buying info' Octane
  • As advertised in Vintage Tractor 
  • Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 168 pages, 187 colour & 83 b&w illustrations
  • Book No: H5010
  • ISBN: 9780857338082
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  • The Ferguson Story - the design, evolution and development of the TE-20 tractor
  • The Ferguson System - a comprehensive listing of the numerous official implements designed to integrate with the TE-20
  • Anatomy of the TE-20 - engines, transmission, steering, axles, hydraulics, implement linkage, electrics, bodywork
  • The farmer's view - mechanisation of farming, the Ferguson at work, farmers' recollections of the TE-20
  • The owner's view - finding, restoring and operating the 'little grey Fergie' today
  • The mechanic's view - maintenance and repairs, and day-to-day problems and reliability issues

The Ferguson TE-20 Tractor Manual brings the Haynes Manual treatment to the world's most iconic tractor. This small, unobtrusive grey tractor, fondly known as the 'little grey Fergie', replaced the horse on many farms following the Second World War, paving the way for the mechanisation of farming

In 1917, Harry Ferguson developed a method of attaching a wheel-less plough to a tractor in such a way as to reduce the dangers of the machine turning over. By 1925 the plough was in production, and Ferguson set about developing a tractor to incorporate the hydraulic linkage which effectively integrated the tractor and the implement. Ferguson TE-20 Tractor Manual
The automatic control system, first developed by Harry Ferguson in 1916, is now employed in various forms by almost all tractor manufacturers worldwide

In 1946, production began of what was now known as the Ferguson TE-20, and over the next 10 years, more than 793,000 examples were produced in Britain, France and the USA

With its revolutionary hydraulic linkage, Ferguson had always seen his tractor as part of a complete farming system and during the TE-20's life, more than 100 Ferguson implements were designed specifically to couple to the tractor

The Ferguson TE-20 Tractor Manual describes the development of Ferguson's TE-20 and The Ferguson System, providing a fascinating insight into how this apparently humble machine helped to mechanise and revolutionise farming across the world